Dr Andres Floto, MB BChir, FRCP, PhD

Dr Andres FlotoHonorary Consultant in Respiratory Medicine
Research Lead, Cambridge Centre for Lung Infection
Wellcome Trust Senior Clinical Fellow & Principle Investigator
» Cambridge Institute for Medical Research


Contact Details
Phone 01480 364673 (sec)     Fax 01480 364330

Specialist Register
• Respiratory Medicine (adults)

Specialist interests
• Cystic Fibrosis (CF)
• Non-CF Bronchiectasis
• Lung infection (TB, Non Tuberculous Mycobacteria (NTM) and Aspergillus)
• Primary and Secondary Immunodeficiencies

Research interests
• Dendritic cell and macrophage biology
• Mycobacterial-immune cell interactions
• Pneumococcal infection and immunity
• Metabolic control of lung inflammation
• See CIMR website for more details

Professional positions
• Research Director, Cambridge Centre for Lung Infection
• Principle Investigator, Cambridge Institute for Medical Research
• Honorary Consultant, Papworth Hospital
• Honorary Consultant, Addenbrooke’s Hospital

Professional Membership
Member, British Thoracic Society
• Member, European Respiratory Society
• Member, American Thoracic Society
• Collegiate Member, Royal College of Physicians of London
• Member, Association of Physicians of Great Britain and Ireland

Education and Training
• 1991 BA University of Cambridge
• 1995 MA University of Cambridge
• 1997 PhD University of Cambridge
• 1997 MB BChir University of Cambridge
• 2000 MRCP London
• 2007 CCST Respiratory Medicine

Selected Publications

Floto RA & Haworth CS.(2011) European Respiratory Society Monograph on Bronchiectasis

Renna M, Schaffner C, Brown K, Shang S, Tamayo MH, Hegyi K, Grimsey NJ, Cusens D, Coulter S, Cooper J, Bowden AR, Newton SM, Kampmann B, Helm J, Jones A, Haworth CS, Basaraba RJ, DeGroote MA, Ordway DJ, Rubinsztein DC, Floto RA. (2011). Azithromycin blocks autophagy and may predispose cystic fibrosis patients to mycobacterial infection. J Clin Invest. 121, 3554-63.

Renna M, Schaffner C, Winslow AR, Menzies FM, Peden AA, Floto RA, Rubinsztein DC. (2011) Autophagic substrate clearance requires activity of the syntaxin-5 SNARE complex. J Cell Sci. 124:469-82.

Mason MJ, Schaffner C, Floto RA, Teo QA. (2011) Constitutive Expression of a Mg2+ Inhibited K+ Current and a TRPM7-like Current in Human Erythroleukemia Cells. Am J Physiol Cell Physiol. (in press) PMID: 22135214

Dai X, Jayapal M, Tay HK, Reghunathan R, Lin G, Too CT, Lim YT, Chan SH, Kemeny DM, Floto RA, Smith KG, Melendez AJ, MacAry PA. (2009) Differential signal transduction, membrane trafficking, and immune effector functions mediated by FcgammaRI versus FcgammaRIIa. Blood. 114, 318-327

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Clatworthy, M.R., Willcocks, L., Urban, B.,Langhorne, J., Williams, T., Watkins, N.A., Rankin, A., Floto, R.A. & Smith, K.G.C. (2007). SLE-associated defects in the inhibitory receptor FcgRIIb reduce susceptibility to malaria. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 104, 7169-7174.

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